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Buy Your Entrance Train Tickets to Machu Picchu

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Train Tickets from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu

The only way to get to the Inca city of Machu Picchu is by train, let us take care of purchasing the tickets and thus, you will enjoy a wonderful trip.

  • From: 120.00 US$ per person
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Departure Point – Ollantaytambo Station





  • Departure 05:05 Hrs.
  • Arrival 06:37 Hrs.
  • Departure 14:55 Hrs.
  • Arrival 16:31 Hrs.
  • Departure 06:10 Hrs.
  • Llegada 07:40 Hrs.
  • Departure 15:20 Hrs.
  • Arrival 17:08 Hrs.
  • Departure 08:29 Hrs.
  • Llegada 09:54 Hrs.
  • Departure 16:22 Hrs.
  • Arrival 18:10 Hrs.
  • Departure 09:15 Hrs.
  • Llegada 10:52 Hrs.
  • Departure 16:43 Hrs.
  • Arrival 18:31 Hrs.





  • Departure 07:05 Hrs.
  • Llegada 08:27 Hrs.
  • Departure 14:55 Hrs.
  • Arrival 16:31 Hrs.
  • Departure 07:45 Hrs.
  • Arrival 09:15 Hrs.
  • Departure 15:48 Hrs.
  • Arrival 17:29 Hrs.
  • Departure 08:00 Hrs.
  • Arrival 09:25 Hrs.
  • Departure 16:43 Hrs.
  • Arrival 18:31 Hrs.
  • Departure 08:29 Hrs.
  • Arrival 09:54 Hrs.
  • Departure 17:23 Hrs.
  • Arrival 19:02 Hrs.

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    We were recommended this company by our neighbor. Ruben/Juan was great with questions and provided a lot of valuable information as I was planning parts on my own instead using a set tour, partially due to wanting to climb one of the optional peaks which you need to book months in advance. We then hit a snag with my wife’s passport and Ruben happily rearranged the tour for us even though we gave last minute notice.
    Our tour guide Wagner met us where the bus dropped us of (can be arranged to pick up from your hotel as well), and we spent the next two hours learning a lot about the history of the site and he took us away from the crowds, and accommodated our photos requests. After we hung around and explored on our own until it was time to leave….


    Viajo en Febrero aproximadamente

    FANTASTIC!!! From start to finish! Amazing Andean Adventures was in charge for our entire 8 day trip to Peru. Every detail and pick up was perfect. Every driver and guide was great! Thank you Kivin and Joaquin for finding my camera!
    There was one special guide that we will never forget. Dany met us at our hotel in Agnes Calientes and was very patient as our train was late arriving. His knowledge of the history and culture of the Incans made the tour of Machu Picchu come alive! We were fortunate to have Dany for two days, always upbeat, helpful, fun, and competent. The Cusco City Tour was also amazing with the continuing history making us feel like we were actually there in the time of the Inca rule. Magical…


    Viajo en Febrero aproximadamente

    We traveled to Cusco this December with a three day private tour planned with Danny. My mom had done a similar tour with Danny and recommended him/amazing andean adventures to us! Our three day adventure was pretty much perfect; danny was always early to meet us, super friendly, with great english and tons of knowledge to share about the ruins and inca historical sites we visited. He even made the rain clear up so we could get a perfect view of machu picchu after our hike. On day one we went from our hotel to various destinations in sacred valley, which I worked with the company to plan so that we would hit all the spots I wanted to. They were helpful and accommodating in building a highly individualized itinerary…


    Viajo en Diciembre aproximadamente