Our Mission

Amazing Andean Adventures is dedicated to education and encouraging knowledge both to visitors of Peru, and to the local community. We do so by organizing tours and treks in Peru, where people from around the world are able to learn about and appreciate the history and culture of the Incas.

In addition, Juan has founded a non-profit organization called Amaru Yachay Wasi, which translates as House of Knowledge. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for underprivileged high school-aged children in the Sacred Valley to have access to higher-level education, something that is not a guarantee in the rural villages around Cusco. There are not many local secondary schools in the Sacred Valley, and parents cannot afford to pay for their children to travel to other cities to live and receive education.

We are planning the construction of a boarding school that will give them a good place to live and study, as a part of a supportive community. This school will be free for the attendees, based on financial need. As the project develops, we will be looking for families who are willing to sponsor a child, helping pay for their room and board, and for their school supplies.

Education is the key to a fruitful, full life. We are working together to bring knowledge and experience to local residents of the Sacred Valley, as well as the visitors who come to see the beautiful landscapes and learn about the local culture and history.