Our Mission

Amazing Andean Adventures 

is dedicated to education and encouraging knowledge both to visitors of Peru, and to the local community. We do so by organizing tours and treks in Peru, where people from around the world are able to learn about and appreciate the history and culture of the Incas.

Our guides are all local Peruvians and we use people from the  communities we visit to assist on the treks, as our transportation drivers and we use lodging from local families as well.

Education is the key to a fruitful, full life. We work together to bring knowledge and experience to local residents of the Sacred Valley, as well as the visitors who come to see the beautiful landscapes and learn about the local culture and history. As part of your tour, we can arrange a visit to a local school and visit with the children.  Often our clients will bring school supplies with them, to share with the local school children. Please let us know when making your arrangements, if you are interested in touring a school.