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Juan Aguirre Gomez

Amazing Andean Adventures organizes trips and services for travelers looking for an unforgettable and personal experience in Peru. Our tours are designed to maximize comfort and convenience while sharing our wealth of knowledge and history about this extraordinary country with our clients. The founder of Amazing Andean Adventures, Juan Aguirre, has over twenty years of experience leading tours of all sizes around Peru, and he is eager to share his passion for his country with you. Juan earned his degree in tourism from the Technological Institute Antonio Lorena in Cusco in Cusco, and completed his Wilderness First Responder training in Tacoma, Washington, USA. Juan is fluent in English, Spanish, and Quechua. Juan’s expertise and rich knowledge of history, archaeology, geography, flora, and fauna inspire him to create interesting, varied tours around Peru. He works with a team of local porters and cooks from the Cusco area, and together they will ensure your safety and comfort for your entire excursion. Amazing Andean Adventures specializes in small group tours, between 2 and 8 people, and offers a variety of customized packages depending on the kind of adventure you want to have. Our main objective is to make your time in Peru an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. While we can offer more standardized tours, at Amazing Andean Adventures we pride ourselves on creating itineraries based on your specific needs and desires. We will work hard to make your dreams become a reality. There is no better way to see another country than traveling in a small group with a local tour guide who actually lives and breathes the culture of their homeland. And when you travel with Amazing Andean Adventures, you won’t just have a guide, but a good friend as well. We are confident that you will be glad you chose to travel with Amazing Andean Adventures!



Born in 1983 in the city of Cusco: from a family of artists. Art that still persists in my daily life. I did my first studies at the I.S.C. where I learned the technical career of systems, later Graduated in 2011 as an Official Guide of Tourism. Knowledge in Plastic Arts (Oil, drawing and Painting) I created an art gallery for my family called arteaguirre.com
Studies carried on, at Viceregal Art in Peruvian Painting of the 16th, 17th and 17th centuries. During the years 2006 and 2009 I worked and studied at the CTR- Religious Tourist Circuit. Having access to documents and museums such as Archbishop Museum, San Blas Temple, Cusco Cathedral.
For the year 2010 I made a Monograph about the Temple of the Society of Jesus and the stay of the Jesuits in Cusco. with Supervision and advice from Jesuit Fathers like Alejandro Beneito.
Official Authorization for the Inca Trail Network from 2012-2022
Studies conducted in Machu Picchu Pueblo (2015-2016) Topic: The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. I have a passion for guiding and teaching my city to visitors from all over the world in both Spanish and English.


Was born in the village of Calca at the state of Cusco – Peru, right in the center of the so called sacred valley of the incas in the year of 1980. he began hiking the inca trail and exploring the vilcabamba region when he was just seven years old. living along whit his mother anthropology and professor from the university of cusco while she was working for a ngo and teaching history and traveled extensively through the mountains and villages of the cloud forest area of cusco. in the year of 1987 his entire family was forced to move to the city of cusco due to the hard time that peru was going throughout however his mother remains in the area of the cloud forest teaching in vilcabamba near macchu pichu. that is the way he developed his love and passion for the andean civilization. At age of 13th he began to work as an assistant guide, during his summer vacations for a senior guide who put him into the life of the tourism, which is the way he began to be immersed in the native legend of the andes. helping to develop the passion for his culture that is so eloquently expressed in his guiding.

whit a degree in economy science from the university of san antonio abad del cusco and phd on public health care from the minnesota technical school of the u.s.a.( 2011 ) , an official certification and licenses of the polytechnic guide´s school of the city of cusco, a certification of volunteering in the rain forest ( manu national park ) supported by a foundation call tres mundos ( by the danisnh – norigian foundation for a better life in the andes ), for six months as an interpreter and tour leader in the year of 2000 and after almost 13 year leading groups in the south part of peru and occasionally to the amazon.

harry had been working as tour licensed guide since may 2001 and currently training volunteers since 2009 for the ngo “for a better life in the andes – tres mundos” he had been working.

traveling to holland ,denmark and norway the last past summers ( 2008, 2009 and 2010 ), and the winter of 2010 to the usa working for the same ngo in order to be teach for the next project that works whit indigenous poor andean families doing social projects in order to improve their way of living building properly toilet and kitchens.

next year 2011 he was part of “the mayan change” as leader volunteer name of the project at guatemala where he spent the whole month, supported by the same organization he had been working and volunteering for a while every summer.

as a matter of fact those countries are where he has renewed his first wilderness aid international certification.

This is the great opportunity which gave him the experience to work on a public health care development project in the native communities of Guatemala , Belize and Honduras where he was able to look for similarities whit his native culture and the great Mayan society He might literally leave to the E.E. U.U. this year around August to the state of Minnesota for training in a wilderness program at the Minnesota University.


Having worked as a freelance tour guide and tour leader for over 10 years I have great experience, enthusiasm and confidence in leading sightseeing and outdoor hikes throughout Peru.

I have achieved success in my career as a tour guide and have received many positive testimonials. I am an honest and straightforward person who has excellent verbal communication skills.

I am interested in my heritage and culture especially, the Andean religion. This influences the way I work and live my life. I like being able to introduce my tourists to the Andean ideology and Pachamama and the cultures of the Andean people.

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We were recommended this company by our neighbor. Ruben/Juan was great with questions and provided a lot of valuable information as I was planning parts on my own instead using a set tour, partially due to wanting to climb one of the optional peaks which you need to book months in advance. We then hit a snag with my wife’s passport and Ruben happily rearranged the tour for us even though we gave last minute notice.
Our tour guide Wagner met us where the bus dropped us of (can be arranged to pick up from your hotel as well), and we spent the next two hours learning a lot about the history of the site and he took us away from the crowds, and accommodated our photos requests. After we hung around and explored on our own until it was time to leave….


Viajo en Febrero aproximadamente

FANTASTIC!!! From start to finish! Amazing Andean Adventures was in charge for our entire 8 day trip to Peru. Every detail and pick up was perfect. Every driver and guide was great! Thank you Kivin and Joaquin for finding my camera!
There was one special guide that we will never forget. Dany met us at our hotel in Agnes Calientes and was very patient as our train was late arriving. His knowledge of the history and culture of the Incans made the tour of Machu Picchu come alive! We were fortunate to have Dany for two days, always upbeat, helpful, fun, and competent. The Cusco City Tour was also amazing with the continuing history making us feel like we were actually there in the time of the Inca rule. Magical…


Viajo en Febrero aproximadamente

We traveled to Cusco this December with a three day private tour planned with Danny. My mom had done a similar tour with Danny and recommended him/amazing andean adventures to us! Our three day adventure was pretty much perfect; danny was always early to meet us, super friendly, with great english and tons of knowledge to share about the ruins and inca historical sites we visited. He even made the rain clear up so we could get a perfect view of machu picchu after our hike. On day one we went from our hotel to various destinations in sacred valley, which I worked with the company to plan so that we would hit all the spots I wanted to. They were helpful and accommodating in building a highly individualized itinerary…


Viajo en Diciembre aproximadamente